As a partner to the T.Rex model I'm planning a new papersaurus project. Not sure what yet, perhaps a sauropod of some sort. (The ones with the long necks and tails) or maybe a stegosaurus. To that end I've been experimenting with jointed tail design. Rather than over complicate things with a collection of two axis joints I wanted to find out if single axis joints along the length of the tail could still make an organic looking design.

I have spilt the tail into five sections. Each section has a horizontal axis joint at one end and a vertical axis joint at the other.

At each joint along the tail the joint will bend first up and down then side to side alternately.

Here are the five sections joined together.

The result, even with these simple joints and only five sections can be shaped into quite natural looking poses.

I'll be putting these parts up for members to try but it might be Tuesday before I do as I'm off to Yorkshire to visit my parents tomorrow.