Dinosaur Mash-up Progress Report

Sun, 11 Sep 2011

I've made a few small changes to the parts so that everything fits together better. Once done I printed out the bits, and put them together whilst watching Dr Who with #1 Daughter. 

The paper model is made from two separate modules. The Geneva Drive in one box and the Watt linkage in another. They are connected together with a drive pin. I've glued the two parts together then added a couple of elastic bands while the glue dries. The egg sits on the top. 

The egg is a little small for the box so I'm going to remake it 20% larger. After which I'll be fitting a dinosaur into place. 

This side view shows the Geneva Drive. The output from the lower drive shaft is connected to the Watt Linkage in the next  box.

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  • jackz February 27, 2016 at 7:16 pm

    How do you connect the Geneva

    How do you connect the Geneva stop with the watt linkage with a drive pin?  I would like to see a visual.  Thank you!

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