New subscriber Jackz sent a comment telling me about how he was taking the Eoraptor model into school for another dinosaur enthusiast student to build with their teacher.

I thought I’d take this moment to post links to the other prehistoric animal related projects that they/you might like to try.

I hope it is useful!


Turn the crank and the pterosaur flaps his wings and flys.


A quick and easy model to print out and make.


Sauropod with flexible head and tail.

T Rex Cam

Program the movements of the T.Rex with interchangeable cams.


Is the Lock Ness Monster real, is she, in fact, a plesiosaur? Make the model and find out!

T. Rex

Poseable T.Rex in both mother and child format.

T. Rex Zine

Print out and make this fact fill Zine. Find out all about T. Rexes.


A quick and easy to make Stegasaurus. Download and make for free on the Brother International website