I'm working on a project that uses multiple cams to drive a character. As part of the process I'm experimenting with the positioning of the cam follower. Current models using cams such as the Agreeable Sheep have the follower above the cam as in the first picture. For this project I thought I'd try having the follower slung beneath the cam as in the second two pictures. This allows me to fit in a longer push-rod which because of its extra length, should twist less as it moves. 

Notice in the second and third pictures that the pivot point of the cam follower is now in the middle of the cam follower rather than at the end. 

In the third picture I've moved the follower end round to make a kind of bell crank. This makes for a more compact model.

Here I'm experimenting with multiple cams (not yet shaped) matched with multiple independent followers.

By adding a dog-leg to each end of the cam followers I should be able to position the cam follower closer to the cam…

…making the model even more compact.

Next step, I'll be putting everything together and putting it into a box.