More website work. I've completed the initial phase of the Tools section. You should be able to see a link to it to the left. I've taken various photos and uploaded them to the Tools section and put in some text. It'll all need reading through again, better wait a couple of days otherwise I read what I think I've written rather than what is actually there. Luckily, with my sieve like memory, after a couple of days I've forgotten what I thought I was saying so I can read it with a fresh eye.

I'm also starting to think a bit more about the look of the new website. Content first, then tartiness. To that end, I've been playing with CSS, the language used to layout text. I've designed a code snippet to lay out the date for my blog posts. You can see it in action here. Click on View > Page Source in your browser and you can see how it works. All I need to work out is how this code fits it with Drupal.

For those of you not interested in the website design stuff there'll be more paper engineering talk soon.