I'm doing a little work behind the scenes to make the website more accessible to people from outside the UK. Currently I only accept UKP£ in the shop and UKP£ and USD$ for membership. Now that website traffic from the US has overtaken the UK based traffic I thought I should add the ability to buy from the shop in Dollars.

This might take a while to complete but today I've taken the first step. You can now choose which currency you'd prefer. If you are signing up for a new account it'll be part of the signup process, if you already have a username, here's what you need to do to choose.

Click on 'Your Account' at the top right of any page. 

Select the 'Edit' tab

Click on 'Currency'

Click on the drop down and choose your currency – currently either $ or £

Don't forget to click 'Save'


It won't do anything for the moment but will prepare you for the future. I may add other currencies at a future date, the Euro perhaps, or the Greek Drachma.