Co-axial Gear Design

Mon, 8 Dec 2014

I’m really having fun with these paper gears. For ages, I struggled to design an easy to make, reliable paper gear mechanism. I think I’ve finally hit on some workable ideas: Today’s experiment, a co-axial gearbox.

I’ve finished a working design which I’ll be posting in the next day to two. The basic concept, turn the handle on the front and the output drive on the back of the box, turns at half the speed of the handle. You can see an Instagram of the model in action here.

Here are the parts, cut out and ready for assembly photography tomorrow.

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  • hugo leandro December 9, 2014 at 4:48 pm

    This mechanism seems be

    This mechanism seems be great! I thought one could get advantages still better if making some modifications in the action of it: the gears would be horizontally rather than vertically and put two characters that appear and disappear from time to time. For this, the openings of the box should be expanded and a small panel would be placed in front of the characters. It could be a face of humorous and grumpy, for example. What do you think, Rob? The lightness and beauty of movement make it a very charming toy …

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