In a previous post I added a clockwork effect to an orange using a scotch yoke mechanism to drive the movement. To complete the model the orange needs to be held in position roughly twenty millemeters from the top of the box.

To this end I have constructed this little stand-off box

The drive ratchets are then attached to the vertical shaft so that they move up and down vertically when the handle is turned.

The orange fits over the ratchet strips and all is good to go.

The trouble is, I really don’t like how it looks. The stand off box looks like an after thought. Lets see if we can do without it.

Rather than connecting the ratchet strips to the top of the drive shaft I’ve connected them right next to the yoke.

I’ve then run them up through slots in the box top.

The mechanism is now flush with the top of the box. No need for a stand.

The orange fits nicely into place on the box top. Turn the handle and the clockwork key turns.

That’s it for the parts. I just need to add colour to the file and it’ll be ready to go. Almost done!