“a huge boost to mechanisms work in schools”

Times Educational Supplement.

A 55 page ebook aimed at people who teach and people who want to learn!

The book centres around ten extendable cardboard engineering projects which introduce many mechanisms, from simple cams to crank sliders and swash plate.

Ten Projects

* Single Cam
* Rocking Platform
* Multi Cam
* Crank Slider
* Double Crank Slider
* Single Twister (shown above)
* Double Twister
* Swash Plate

* Snap Up Cube
* Snap Up Octohedron

Each project comprises fully illustrated clear instructions, printable pages of all the parts needed to make a complete animated model and a page of ideas to extend the project. Simply print the pages onto thin card and away you go!
As well as the ten projects  the book also includes the following sections 
• the mathematics of mechanisms
• tips for construction
• alternative parts to extend the models
• web links
• glossary of terms
• detailed lessons plans

The price of £19.95 includes a licence for the purchaser to make unlimited copies of the model parts for their own use.

Ten projects, endless possibilities!

The printed version of this book is available on sister site flying-pig.co.uk