Late last month I was contacted about an unusual commission. Could I create a pair of 600mm x 600mm vinyl or leather bellows for a shop window display. After some back and forth discussion about the specs and the really tight timetable we agreed terms and I went ahead with the project, the recent bellows projects on this site such as this and this are spin-offs from development work for this commission. As it turns out, the shop was Harrods in London and the shop display is for Burberry! #1Niece Meredith works in London and she was kind enough to go round and take photos of the finished display. Thanks Meredith!

The display itself looks amazing, we’ll have to take a trip down to London before Christmas to take a look. It is created by John Nolan Studios, check out their website and especially check out their show reel at the bottom of the home page, it is spectacular.

Constructing the Bellows.

The twelve sided bellows are made from white vinyl. The triangular sections are stiffened using pre-cut cardboard triangles.

I stuck these onto strips of double sided tape then trimmed them down to size.

I arranged the triangles on the back of the vinyl and stuck them into place.

Once done I rolled the whole thing round into a tube and stuck down again with double sided tape.

Here is one of the finished bellows folded up with cat for scale.

And here they are in position. Looking good! Thanks for the photos Meredith!