Progress on the Flip Face project.

Okay, so it sort of works. You press down on one arm and the place where the head will be mounted rotates 180° one way, press down the other and it does the same the other way. 

The trouble is, as soon as I let go of the hand the head bounces back perhaps 20°. You might think it would just look wistful but no, it looks crooked. Pah.

Also, the friction on the paper belts is a little high so it jams up very easily.

I think I'll mark this down as a dead end and try replacing the mechanism. I have a few possible ideas to try. Either a very short rack and pinion, some sort of long action ratchet or perhaps as Pookafletch suggested by email, some sort of adapted pop up mechanism. 

A happy mix of frustration and fun.

Expect to see a happy face in the thumbnail next time. 🙂