Anatomy of a Blog Post

Sun, 22 Jan 2012

This website is created using the open source Drupal platform. Drupal works as a content management system. (CMS) All the posts on the website are simply entries in a database. This gives me all sorts of flexibility as to how I display things on the site. I can use the same post to display the teasers on the front page, the items in the shop, even the pdf print-outs of pages, all from a single version of the page.

I've been learning how to best use this power as I've been going along so every so often the data structure that makes a blog post needs a clean up. No more so than now. All this is a way of telling you that my papery output will be slower for a few more days while go through the 700+ posts and prune and trim.

The picture below is a screen grab of a blog post entry screen showing you all the data fields and what they do. And this is after I've removed lots of the dead wood. I guess if I was to start over, I wouldn't start from here. 20/20 hindsght.

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  • frankenpaper January 31, 2012 at 1:13 am

    I truly enjoy that you post

    I truly enjoy that you post about how you make all of your wonderful creations, from the models, to the art, to the blog itself. You really are a modern artist.

    Thanks 🙂 – RI

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