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Mon, 8 Aug 2011

I'm planning a series of tutorials on creating paper models using a variety of different software from Blender through Illustrator and perhaps the free program Inkscape. For me, part of this process is learning how to use screen capture software to record directly from my computer screen. I'm using a piece of software called Camtasia which seems to do the job simply but effectively. 

As part of my learning process, I've created a short video on adding pictures to comments  – a video version of my previous post. Feedback, both +ve and -ve would be most welcome. 

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Comments (2)

  • Smelter August 9, 2011 at 12:32 pm

    Nice tut Rob, just 3

    Nice tut Rob, just 3 comments.

    1:- Can you make it sticky? By that I mean put a link to it somewhere obvious like the login page. That way we will all know/spot where to find it for future reference.

    2:- When you press the "save" button the page produces the HTML code, the page it produces also has a "save" button, which I have, in the past, pressed and ended up creating two postings. Can you take away the second save button.

    3:- The sound from the video is all in the left speaker. You might be able to make your recording in mono, but I have no experiance of using a "MAC".

    • robives August 9, 2011 at 5:29 pm

      Thanks Smelter: 1: I’m going

      Thanks Smelter: 1: I'm going to try and add a link, perhaps a question mark, next to the Add Comment link, eventually I'll get round to adding a FAQ page and I'll add it to that as well.

      2:- Hmmm, I'll check into that and see what I can do. You are not the only person who has had that problem.

      3:- I had a single mic attached to my external sound interface. Should have converted it to mono within Camtasia. Hopefully I'll remember with the next tut 🙂

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