The crank-in-a-box that I’m working on needs an axle stub to locate it in the box. I designed the parts that I needed in Fusion 360 and printed them out.

The first version is on the left below. As a by-product of the printing process you can see that the top, and to a lesser degree, the bottom of the part are slightly flaired out. As a result the parts won’t fit in the matching hole without being filed down.

The part on the right is my attempt to get round the problem. axleStub-a02

I’ve gone into Fusion 360 and added a 0.5m chamfer to the top and bottom edge.axleStub-a01

It works a treat and the parts now fit together very nicely. (Just to mention, I’m making the hole 0.25mm larger than the part resulting¬†in a nice tight fit)


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