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xor goat

Finally! The xor-goat! Just what you needed to complete your Logic Goat set.

Just like the rest of our Logic Goats, the xor-goat is to silicon logic gates what the and-goat is to the and-gate. Download, print out and make this paper model then, when you press one button OR the other button the goat nods. But not if you press both. Hence the 'x', which stands for Exclusive.

As usual, the download comes with all the parts you need ready to print out, you'll just need add some glue, a few coins (to act as weights) and some basic tools.

You could get this model, OR the complete logic goats. (but not both)

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Logic Goats

Now includes the new xor-goat!

The central processing unit lies at the heart of every computer, a vast collection of microscopically small switches and logic-gates. Now, through the power of paper we bring you those same logic gates in goat form.
Presented here are the:


The and-goat will nod his head only in you press the right button AND the left button.

The or-goat nods his head if you press the left button OR the right button OR both buttons.

The not-goat nods his head if you are NOT pressing the button.

The xor-goat (Exclusive OR) nods if you press one button OR the other button but not if you press both.

Download the model, print them onto thin card then cut out and assemble following the clear, fully illustrated instructions. You'll need some small coins to act as weights, PVA glue ( white school glue), scissors, ruler and a sharp knife.

You can download the Logic Goat collection here:



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