Paper Mechanisms Complete

Paper mechanisms are paper projects you
download and make that show you how mechanisms work. From gears to ratchets and linkages, from the Geneva stop to the universal joint, making these mechanisms helps you understand how they works. Paper Mechanisms Complete consists of twenty five mechanisms for you to download and make with more being added all the time, the latest being the gear train mechanism.

The pack is offered for the amazing price of less than £1 each. Better yet, I’ll be adding new mechanisms to the pack as I create them and as a purchaser you’ll be able to download the new additions for free for a full year after your purchase date.

Currently in the Paper Mechanisms Complete pack are:

Geneva Six
Geneva Stop
Flip Flop
Watt Linkage
Peaucellier Linkage
Bi-Directional Ratchet
Two Toothed Ratchet
Three Toothed Ratchet
Archimedes Screw
Double Crank
Bell Crank
Gear Train
Belt Drive
Crank Mechanism
Quick Return Mechanism
Worm Gear
Crank Slider
Adjustable Crank Slider
Universal Joint
Bevel Gear
Rack and Pinion
Big Gear


Members can download these models from the project’s individual pages in the normal manner.

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