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Wavy Line Pattern


Wavy Line Pattern

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I needed a set of textures/patterns for a set of models I’ve been working. (More on which later) These patterns are basically a set of coloured wavy lines in different colour sets. In the models I’m working on they represent sea and jungle, sky and grassland.
I’m pretty sure that patterns will come in useful at a later date so I’m making them available as a download from the site. If you are paid member you can download a set with nine different patterns. Non members can still join in with a reduced set of six patterns.
I hope you find them useful!

2 reviews for Wavy Pattern

  • what project are you working

    what project are you working on?

  • looks intresting
    its probably

    looks intresting

    its probably a project for another site like the brother website or maybe a diffrent site and he needs permission to share information which is why he didnt give any more details

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