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Tall Tapered Box to Download and Make


Tall Tapered Box to Download and Make

Download and Make


A paper box to download, print out and make. This tall tapered box is free for members to download and make for free, thanks for signing up!

The file comes in coloured and non-coloured version. The coloured version is shown in the first picture, These instructions show the construction of the non-coloured version printed out onto blue card. Construction is straight forward.
Print out the part sheet of your choise, cut out the hole and the small arc, score the dotted and dashed lines then carefully cut out the box.

Fold in half and glue down the two long tabs.

Glue the base into place

Fold the top up threading the handle through the slot then carefully tucking the flap into the arc cut out.

Done! Another interesting box for your collection!

2 reviews for Tall Tapered Box

  • Space optimization is worth

    Space optimization is worth noticing – you squeezed the last millimeter of that precious paper. If one punches out holes at appropriate height, he can get longer throws for various mechanisms, that is, while keeping the box-making to the minimum.  Said that your all other boxes and bases of various paper projects are all good.  

    Thanks – I’ll keep that in mind – RI

  • The treasure chest, the

    The treasure chest, the rubbish-container and this tapered gift box, three wonderful containers, simple and very well designed. I like to see how on twitter especially the design (colored leaves).

    Glad you like them Michael – thanks for your comment. – RI

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