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Super Simple Character for the Crank Box



Download and Make
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Here’s a simple but effective character to add to the top of your crank box project from the previous post. The template is free for everyone download.

Cut out the single shape, fold it as per the picture and glue it to the box top. Knees to the box, one hand to the sliding pad and one hand to the box top next to the slide.

Turn the handle and the housemaid cleans the floor diligently

Here you can see an Instagram animation of the simple Housemaid character working.

3 reviews for housemaid

  • A slightly bent carpenter can

    A slightly bent carpenter can stand behind the box and use  his plane tool.

    I remember Rob has a mouse hiding in his dome looking out (perhpas for cheese) at every turn in his crank zine. 

    • I have turned the “Four-bar

      I have turned the "Fourbar Linkage Box" in a "Double Crank Box.
      The idea of Urmish has inspired me to build this combination of maid and carpenter.

  • The nightmare comes to

    The nightmare comes to life!

  • Here is a photo of joiner and

    Here is a photo of joiner and housemaid on the Double Crank Box. The simple joiner figure is the rower from "Love Boat" model.

    The video is here:

    Tischler & Hausmädchen

    • It’s our pleasure – waiting

      It's our pleasure – waiting for a video clip – many thanks.

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