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Schrodinger's Cat


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A crafty creation for you to download, print out and make. Print out all the parts on your own printer then make this fascinating mechanism.

Turn the handle and the cat peeps out of the rubbish bin to see if the coast is clear. The cunning mechanism uses gears and cams to drive the movement.

In 1935 Erwin Schrödinger devised his famous thought experiment, the eponymous Schrödinger’s Cat. As this experiment ended with a cat simultaneously alive and dead and then either dead or alive his cat was obviously not keen to participate. He spent the latter part of his days hiding in various darkened corners before The Experiment could be carried out. This model shows one of his favored hiding places.
The thought experiment is described in more detail in the kit, but don’t expect to understand it. Quantum physics is really weird!

Making the Banana Skin:

5 reviews for Schrödinger’s Cat

  • This is awesome Rob! I made

    This is awesome Rob! I made this kit and now actually understand gears and cams! Thanks from a 3D-reasoning-delayed female.

    • Thanks Aeleen, I glad you

      Thanks Aeleen, I glad you enjoyed it!

  • just finished making this

    just finished making this mode from my complete collection cd .this is basically just a modified jolly roger model from the flying pig site but the jolly roger was the first paper model i ever did so i enjoyed making this is a really nice model the other thing i like is the lid pushrod the jolly roger doesn't have a lid pushrod and it makes the lid work better on this model so it opens and closes better.i really enjoyed this model and the movement is really nice on it

    Glad you enjoyed the model! It is actually the other way round, Jolly Roger is a modified Schrodinger’s cat – RI

  • Completed Schrodinger’s Cat,
    Completed Schrodinger’s Cat, then created this shot on Instagram, depicting the Prof as an evil kind of guy. Enjoyed the build, Rob, then donated the finished piece to a nice lady who rescued a cat (who is now ours and called Mr. Kitty). You can view the Instagram pic here:

  • I’m supposed to be house

    I'm supposed to be house sitting for Schrödinger, but I'm afraid to go into his house.

    Way I figure, I only have a 50/50 chance of coming out alive.

    As long as you don’t look you won’t collapse the wave function – RI

  • I love this model.  Even

    I love this model.  Even though I'm a dog person, I still Think this is awesome!

    Glad you like it! Though can I just point out that cats rule and dogs literally drool. – RI

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