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Pterosaur - flying prehistoric creature


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PterosaurPterosaur. A fun model for you to download, print out and make.
Turn the handle on the box and the Pterosaur flaps his wings to fly, just like they used to do in prehistoric times.

The model used a cam shaft and four bar linkage to to make the wings flap and the Pterosaur rise up and down.

Fabulous fun for the crafty and curious!

2 reviews for Pterosaur

  • a prehistoric watch bird to

    a prehistoric watch bird to look over my paper crafts and when i turn the handle he goes on a patrol but only as far as his linkages allow lol maybe he isnt a very good watch bird after all

    • Cool,
      Deploy flying cow


      Deploy flying cow mechanism for this pre-historic bird and see if you still can complain about linkage that goes as far as…lol

  • All these creature are

    All these creature are interesting.Most of them are horrible, but some are cute.

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