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Paper Doughnut! Come and get it!



The donut/doughnut model is a fun model, quick to make and fantastical!

Although it was originally designed to have 11 segments it actually works better with only ten. As a member you can download the parts file at the end of this post.

Print out the appropriate number of either mono or colour parts sheets onto thin card.. Score along the dotted lines and cut out the parts. Roll each section round and glue it down to make a wedge shape .

Glue the sections together. Be careful to do this accurately.

Glue eight of the basic sections together to make the body of the torus.

Carefuly glue the two end pieces into place as shown.

Glue the large tabs down to complete the model. If you glue them down carefully they should be virtually invisible.

That’s it! You now have a paper Donut. I’m not sure what you can do with it but it look great doesn’t it! Its got to be useful for something!

3 reviews for Donut

  • Silly question Rob.
    For all

    Silly question Rob.

    For all the paper modelling  masochists  out in web land.

    Is the hole in the middle big enough to make chain of them?

    • Hi Smelter – The hole in the

      Hi Smelter – The hole in the final model is too small but the download in the earler version should work fine. Good luck!

      • Thanks Rob,
        Now for a chain

        Thanks Rob,

        Now for a chain reaction!


        • Good luck – post pictures!

          Good luck – post pictures!

  • Rob,
    Would it be possible to


    Would it be possible to have four sections on a page so it's only necessary to print two pages instead of three ?

    Having built a few models now and viewed others, I notice that you favour a lot of white space – how do you balance simplicity of layout / efficiency of packing ?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Myron, I’ll see what I can

      Hi Myron, I'll see what I can do. I leave a lot of space top and bottom so that people who are using Letter size paper rather than A4 can still print out – Also many colour printer leave a wide border at the bottom f the page.

  • Homer Simpson’s Donut. 

    Homer Simpson's Donut.  DOH!!!! 

    • I recently became unemployed,

      I recently became unemployed, and now, I'd like to have a job that is fun. 

      Today I was in VooDoo Donuts here in Denver. They are hiring, and I am feeling the "mojo'!

      The girl at the counter I asked about the postion they had available told me to be creative with my cover letter. I am going to do one of a couple options. 

      Write my cover letter on the donut and put my resume on a pink peice of paper and create a box for my donut to give to them.

      Or, I may use it as a holder, roll up my cover letter and resume and store it in the donut hole. 


      Either way, thank you for this option, how can I not land this job!


      First time in the site, it is beautiful and by making this donut, I have felt the creativity switch click back on… I thought that part of my brain was on a perminate vacation. 


      Thank you!!!

      • That’s great! Good luck with

        That's great! Good luck with the job 🙂

    • Thank you, 
      About to lock it

      Thank you, 

      About to lock it together… the finishing move.

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