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Owl Papertoy Free to Download and Make


Owl Papertoy

Download and Make
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A simple but fun papertoy owl to download and make. This model can be used as a static model or with a little ingenuity, as part of a paper animation.

Everybody can download the parts for free. Have fun!

Print out the parts onto thin card. Score along the dotted lines and cut out the holes before carefully cutting out the parts.

The head is made by rolling round the head strip and gluing it down then folding down the curved flaps. No need to glue them.

If you want to make the wings move, glue the top of the strip to the back of the wing so that it just touches the crease line at the top of the wing.

Glue the fillet into place to make a bell crank as shown.

Thread the long tab through the hole in the body and glue the semi-circular tab to the grey semi-circular area. Repeat this process with the second wing.

Roll the body round and glue it down.

Glue on the feet.

Glue the head to the body to complete the owl.

Use this as a finished model or as a starting point to design your own paper animation model. I’ll be demoing an idea or two in the next few posts.

7 reviews for Owl Papertoy

  • Cute.

    • Simple and cute. I love that.
      Simple and cute. I love that. I guess sometimes the students need something special and easy to make and this owl is the perfect gift to demonstrate the possibilities to build something amazing and movable. Congratulations, Rob.

  • i attached the owl and robs
    i attached the owl and robs mouse model to a bevel gear and made an animated model.poor mouse always getting chased by something =)
    i posted a video here

    • The poor mouse is clever
      The poor mouse is clever because it never gets caught.

  • I  love owl.

    I  love owl.



  • cute ^^
    thx U

    cute ^^
    thx U

  • How can I download this

    How can I download this template?

    • 1st off sign up, which

      1st off sign up, which obviously you have as you have a user name.

      (Free membership is available which will get you the freebies, but a paid membership gets you so much more, and this is after all, how Rob is trying to earn a living). 

      2nd sign in, not as obvious, but the site needs to know who you are as to where to place the files from the cart when you add them to your account.

      (go to the top of this page and click on the "Login" text which is actually a button. Watch the text in this corner as it changes once you are 'in').

      3rd slide across left and click on the "+ADD TO CART" button (this nearly looks like one;-) ).

      (this should take you striaght to your account and the 'My Files' tab should be selected, if not….

      {4th next} slide back to and click the "Your Account" text. Yes another cunningly disguised button.

      So at 'My Files' go to the "last>>" page, click on the File name which is 'orange' in colour and hey presto your download should happen.

      Now all you have to do is go "Back" to the instructions page which has a button in the shape of a bar above the ratings stars thet reads "Members can download a PDF version of this page here" click it and you have the instructions.

  • love it

    love it

  • Hola a todos!!! Este modelo

    Hola a todos!!! Este modelo me encanta, pero tengo el problema que al descargar el PDF y querer abrirlo, me aparece un cartel diciendo: El archivo está dañado y no es posible recuperar. Probé varias veces! Demás está decir que soy miembro y debería poder descargarlo. Por favor si alguien me ayudaa!! Muchas gracias!!!!


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