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Mother's Day Flowers



The flower paper sculpture is complete, I’ve put the parts pages for subscribers to download with this post. Its all fairly straight forward to make so hopefully you’ll be okay without instructions, I printed mine onto paper rather than card and it worked nicely. I’ll be getting a presentation version of the instructions done as quickly as possible. (Can I recommend that if you really want to be able to get on with your work, don’t get a dog.)

The centre of the flower is a section of cone. I’d made it roughly yesterday, today I cut apart the piece and dropped it into the scanner. I measured the original at around 34 degrees or curve – to make things easier, I changed it to 36 degrees. (6 lots of 6 degrees, one for each tab) I then created a set of construction lines like those shown here and drew the yellow part on top.

Works a treat!

2 reviews for Daffodil

  • Math. Bah. See, that’s why

    Math. Bah. See, that’s why you can make incredible things, Rob. Math mind, mind for math. Whatever you call it, it’s a wonder. And because you’ve done it, I can make a pretty bloom. This looks intriguing to try….

    • As Euler would have said, 

      As Euler would have said,  🙂

  • Cats are worse. They think
    Cats are worse. They think you opened your laptop just for them, cleaned off your desk just for them, and won’t fetch when you throw a toy or bone.

    If my desk were any bigger, I probably would have the 95-lb. black lab up here, too. He thinks he’s a cat!

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