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Moose - animated paper animal


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A super fun model for you to download, print out and make.

The Paper Moose uses a clever set of linkages so that when you rock his body back and forth he opens his mouth as if he’s bellowing. “Hurrugh!”

Clear, easy to follow illustrated instructions are included with the download. Simply print out the model onto thin card, cut our with scissors and glue together with white school glue (PVA)

4 reviews for Moose

  • i know this is an old post

    i know this is an old post but i just made this one and realized it didnt have any comments i guess no one liked the poor moose =(  but i just made mine and just have to play with the mouth a bit to get it lined up a little better but other then that it is a very nice model and know that the moose has a comment im sure it will be happier and want to bellow more hurrugh  hurrugh =)

    Nice! I’ve always has a soft spot for the moose. – RI

  • I made this same moose in the

    I made this same moose in the Gizmos book at barnes and noble.  moose bellows, Hurruggh!

    Tee hee 🙂 – RI

  • My little girl I baby sit for

    My little girl I baby sit for loves mooses.  I think that she'll flip when I make her one of these!!

  • He looks like Bullwinkle!

    He looks like Bullwinkle!

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