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Mechanisms Offline - web pages to use when there is no web.


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This download contains the original mechanisms from the flying pig website now available here to download by popular demand.  Over forty web pages. Forty+ animations. Information on many types of mechanism and movement. The download consists of one .zip file which will take no more than a couple of minutes download. (It’s 600k)

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  • Are there projects on this or

    Are there projects on this or just animations? I wish to learn how to make the basic mechanisms so would this be the right thing to buy?

    You would probably be best off with the paper mechanisms complete so you can make up the models and learn hands on. – RI

    • Can you give us some more

      Can you give us some more information of what is inculeded in the download?   I would be interested in using some of your mechanisim projects as a class we could offer to kids at our fledgling makerspace.   

      I have been a long time fan of yours, and one way or another I am going to get a class going using your creations.  I have 13 year old twins and a 5 year old, And one of my co-founders has a six year old.  All girls.  We are doing our best to instill them with all the maker spirit we can. =) 

      If you ever feel like a trip to the middle of the united states, you have friends in nebraska. =)




      here is a link to our upcoming maker event  "maker faire" if you will.   But not licenced.  But it should link to more info about us as people.   =)  The building pictured is where I work my day job.  The owner of the building is quite the Tesla fan.

      • Thanks for your interest

        Thanks for your interest John, and with apologies for the delay in replying…
        The ricomplete download includes all the models and downloads from the website, everything!

        Good luck with your faire. I hope you have a great time!

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