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Marble Run, paper mechanism fun.


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A crafty creation for you to download, print out and make. Print out all the parts on your own printer then make this fascinating mechanism.

Once started, the marble run uses a fiendishly simple mechanism to feed out all the marbles one by one until they have all been released.
Download it now before you lose your marbles!

2 reviews for Marble Run

  • I finally got around to this

    I finally got around to this one, and my marbles got stuck!

    I think it's because I printed at 90% size so the A4 design would print without clipping on american-letter-sized cardstock, and now the dimensions are too small. Should've measured my marbles before building! The model, otherwise, appears functioning perfectly.

    • Oh no! You’ll have to run

      Oh no! You'll have to run your marbles through PhotoShop.

      • Hello Rob,
        My daughter thinks

        Hello Rob,

        My daughter thinks if you can provide a PNG file format instead of pdf this problem btn american size vs british size printers may go away. I think it stands for portable network graphics. Also, vectorized pdf will work.

        She converted one of your pdf from Early Bird into vectorized pdf and also png in Inkscape software and imported it into e-craft digital cutter and cut your model on 12 inches x 12 inches card stock papers. The enlarged size of the bird is an exact replica. 



        • I normally don’t scale the

          I normally don't scale the printouts at all — I think just about all of the recent projects print cleanly within letter-bounds if I print at 100% and let the overrun get clipped. I think this is just an older project. If the preview looks like anything will get clipped, I scale-to-fit. (This results in an 85% original size, for those keeping score.)

          I don't think scaling PDF or PNG matters. If they were in PNG, it's actually more work to ensure all pages come out the same scale (every image would need to have identical dimensions).

          The project *built* fine, just this time the dimensions were actually relevant to the outcome, on account of the marble sizes!

          (I see that the Canon Papercraft site produces A4 and Letter size documents for most of their models — seems like a lot of overhead just to accomodate us Americans with our goofball paper sizes.)

          • Could anyone tell me the

            Could anyone tell me the printable area of a letter size doc, I'll make sure that future models fit.

          • Letter size paper is 8.5 x11

            Letter size paper is 8.5 x11 inches. Letter is wider than, but, not as tall as, A4.

            Letter:215.9 × 279.4 mm

            A4: 210 × 297 mm

            I suspect the actual printable area is printer-dependent. I think the unprintable margins on my printer are around 1/4 inch (5mm-ish). I can't imagine this differs much between paper type, though.

  • I have a Canon Pixma IP4200

    I have a Canon Pixma IP4200 printer. He also has a function: "Zoom print". Here you can, if it is necessary the image to print to enlarge or reduce. I have the model printed 1:1 on A4 and built. The  base is 130mm long. The track or channel 17mm wide. It is ideal for marbles with diameter of 16mm. The function is very good.

    There is a video clip on Youtube.



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