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Magic Beans! Download and make.



Magic jumping beans to download, print out and make. Members can download the parts at the usual place, non members can download the parts for £2.50

Print out the page onto thin card. (230 micron or 67lb) Score along the dotted line and carefully cut out the parts.

The main body of the bean is made from two pairs of tubes folded and glued as shown with the black line above right.

Fold each pair of tubes and glue them flat then fold them up and glue them together to make a double tube.

Glue both double tubes back to back being careful to line them up with each other accurately.

Glue one of the end caps into place.

Drop a single coin into each tube. I used UK one penny pieces. They are approx 20mm in diameter and weigh around 4 grams each.

With the four coins in the tube glue the other end cap into place.

Fold over the two sides and glue them down to make double thickness card.

Once the glue is dry cut the shape out.

Glue the sides to the body lining up the cut outs with the grey triangles arrowed above.

Done! Roll the bean down a shallow slope and it will move in a preternaturally jerky way. Weird!

8 reviews for Magic Beans

  • Wow! what a magic surprise  –

    Wow! what a magic surprise  – can't wait to build it.

    Have fun 🙂 – RI

  • smallwonder56 bagged the
    smallwonder56 bagged the first download.

    • So simple and movable,

      So simple and movable, fantastic, Rob. Congratulations!

  • rob had a post up that got

    rob had a post up that got deleated when he had to set back the server but in his post he said this was an expierment to see if he could make this automata out of paper in case you missed it im pretty sure this is the same video rob had up

    This project has come out of research for the Acrobat Karakuri, it is looking promising. – RI

  • Clever! Now what else can you

    Clever! Now what else can you do with this mechanism?

    ‘Wonderful things’ 🙂 – RI

    • For example, attach Rob’s

      For example, attach Rob's poppers (or something similar) on both sides of the bean and roll them over your staircase (or may be a smaller staircase made from a pile of books.)

    • Hey Rob,
       Shouldn’t this

      Hey Rob,

       Shouldn't this model be free to download for nonmembers? This isn't so complex like Nessie. Its so easy, 

      everyone should be able to download it.

      • Because it is easy? it is

        Because it is easy? it is brilliant! Isn't it?

      • Hello Derpatron,
        I have a

        Hello Derpatron,

        I have a dozen or so magic beans cut from Rob's pattern not yet assembled if you want them. While Rob has to keep a price on his designs because it is his bread and butter, he will not mind if I send you a few cut magic beans for you to assemble and play with it.

        This design is easy so we made lots of them and they all work beautiful. Add Michael's game to it and you enter into never ending fun.  

  • Picture test with

    Picture test with Flickr:

    http://<a href="; title="Magic tumbling bean 1 von michael42er bei Flickr"><img src="; width="320" height="180" alt="Magic tumbling bean 1"></a>

    Magic tumbling bean 1

  • This funny tumbling bean is

    This funny tumbling bean is built quickly and easily. You can use it, think up with a little imagination, a little game against time.

    You will need a pin board, space for start and finish and some pins as an obstacle. As an example, a video clip on Youtube:



  • Picture test 2 Flickr


    Picture test 2 Flickr

    Magic tumbling bean 2

    Yay! So cool! – RI

  • US pennies should fit as

    US pennies should fit as well, right?

    • yes US pennies will work just

      yes US pennies will work just fine.thats what i used when i made mine and they worked

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