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Love Boat - Come and get it!



The Love Boat.
Turn the handle on this paper animation and the enthusiastic rower delivers his chocolate candy gift to your True Love.
This delightful model is driven via an interesting crank and linkage mechanism. The download comes in both coloured and un-coloured versions and can be easily adapted to add your own rowing character.
Members can download this project for free thanks for signing up! Non-members can join in the fun for £2.50

Print out the three pages onto thin card. 230 gsm / 67lb is perfect for the job. Score along all the dotted and dashed lines and cut out the holes before carefully cutting out the parts.

Make up the two crank ends by folding over the card and gluing it down to make double thickness before carefully cutting out the parts.

Roll up the three crank pins gluing down the ends as accurately as possible.

Make the push rod. Glue the cranks ends to the push rod and fit the longer pin through the holes.

Assemble the two crank pieces.

Glue the crank pieces to the centre pin lining them up as accurately as possible with each other.

Glue the other two pins into place.

Assemble the linkage. Glue it to the push rod so that the tabs are touching the tops of the crank ends.

Glue the oar holder into place.

Fold up the tabs on the box to make triangular tube sections.

Join the two box pieces together at one end and glue on one end of the box top.

Thread the crank pins through the holes in the side of the box and the push rod up through the hole in the box top. Glue the box top stiffener across the width of the underside of the box top lining it up with the edge of the long hole

Fold the box round and glue it closed. Glue the end of the linkage to the end of the long hole as seen in the picture.

Glue together the two boat sides.

Glue the boat to the box top.

Assemble the two oars and glue them to the oar linkage.

Assemble the seat.

Glue the seat into the prow of the boat using the long tabs to determine the height.

Make up the rowlocks with double thickness card and cut them out.

Glue them into the side of the boat between the two small black lines.

Glue the rowlock tops into place loosely constraining the oars.

Fit the rower into the boat. His waist crease line should be approximately five millimetres from the back of the seat. Glue his feet to the deck and his hands to the oars. He’s going nowhere!

The box has a cut out at the bottom front so that it clears the linkage. Fit the base into place first then join the two sides together.

Complete the box but don’t glue down the lid.

Glue the box into the boat with the cut out facing towards the rower. Add a chocolate and close the lid.

Set your rower to work delivering his gift to your True Love!

9 reviews for Love Boat

  • I loved this model, Rob.
    I loved this model, Rob. Thanks for your awesome creation.

  • We must hurry up, so that
    We must hurry up, so that this delightful boat can swim in time to the Valentines Day.
    I’m looking forward to assembly and the sight of the final model by the donee.

    • Ok, so one wait is over on
      Ok, so one wait is over on Rob, another wait begins on Michael and Cool. I am downloading this file in a second.

  • Rob,
    I love the “Love Boat.”


    I love the "Love Boat." Perfect timing for Valentine's Day.


  • the model looks great cant
    the model looks great cant wait to build it and make my own.but sense your in a boat building mood maybe you can make the row boat you originally designed the triple crank slider for
    and then becuase were on a water theme maybe the flex arm crab
    just a thought =)

    finished my love boat model and posted a video here

  • nice job michael your model
    nice job michael your model looks great
    i also modified this project and gave the rowboat model a passenger but changed the charecters in the boat as well.i have a snowman with a herat pattern rowing the boat and a penguin flapping its wings in the front of the boat.
    here is the video of my model

    now umetha has no more waiting to do =)

    • Cool, Thank´s for your
      Cool, Thank´s for your comment.Original idea, snowman and penguin. Goes well with the season. The water must not be frozen.

      • Both the ideas are very
        Both the ideas are very delightful. Michael project’s background, colors and an added passenger is a very well thought idea. Adding snowman and penguin is also cool. Thank you folks for appreciating Rob’s work so well that we are able to enjoy it. I also built the love boat.

  • The building has again made
    The building has again made ​​a lot of joy. I have extended the boat in a second version, and brought a passenger on board. A video clip is still coming soon.
    One day later;
    I now have my video uploaded on youtube:

  • Hier zwei Animationen aus
    Hier zwei Animationen aus einem Videoclip bei youtube:

    Paper model "Love boat" 1x photo Loveboat1x_zps8772af18.gif

    Paper model "Love boat" 2x photo LoveBoat2x_zpsaf25a4c2.gif

  • I think you should put your

    I think you should put your ewe-boat on this site so you can get him for free!  Also do your shrimp-boat too!  You should make a Wolf-boat some day that would make me laugh!! row row row "Aooooooooooooooh!"

  • I can´t downloded for free

    I can´t downloded for free


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