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Hot Tin Roof - Animated cat to download and make.



I found this little number on the hard disk of my desk top computer. I’ve tweaked the file a bit and made sure that everything works and uploaded it for your downloading pleasure.

Members can download the file (complete with instructions) for free. Non members can download it for a small free, or better yet, become a member and download this and loads of other paper projects.

The model uses a pair of cams working in opposite directions to move the cat back and forth in a haphazard sort of way. I hope you enjoy it. Have fun!

1 review for Hot Tin Roof

  • awesome. thanks!

    awesome. thanks!

    • cute kitty

      cute kitty

      • there a walking cat in the

        there a walking cat in the amazing paper pets book or i think you can get it by itself on the houseofflying pigs website

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