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Heart Flower, Don't Forget Valentine's Day



So, you made the Butterfly model for your true love and now you’re in the mood to make more paper models.

Why not download and make the Heart Flower, it makes a beautiful table decoration and is quick and easy to make.

I think I’ll make one and put it on a breakfast tray to give my true love breakfast in bed.


3 reviews for Heart Flower

  • I can’t download this even

    I can't download this even though I have a membership……HELP!!!

    Thanks for letting me know. I think I’ve fixed the problem and emailed you a copy just incase – RI

    • Thank you so much.  Are you

      Thank you so much.  Are you working on anything for St. Patrick's Day?  Mug of green beer?  Pot of gold? Shamrock?

      I love your site!  I use these with my engineering class and we try and do something special for the holidays.

  • i cant download this heart

    i cant download this heart flower even i am a member please help


    Thanks for your interest. This model is only available to paid members not free members. You can find details about membership here – RI

  • muy hermoso el aporte

    muy hermoso el aporte

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