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Flying Spaghetti Monster to Download and Make


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pagesThe Flying Spaghetti Monster, a model to download print out and make.
Once complete turn the handle on this cardboard curiosity and the Flying Spaghetti Monster waves his noodly appendages. Let the pasta power of the FSM help with your tricky decisions, turn the handle and ask yourself “What would Flying Spaghetti Monster Do?”

1 review for Flying Spaghetti Monster

  • i just finished this model

    i just finished this model from my R.I. complete collection is  kind of like the octopus model but dosnt have the 100000000 linkages(slight exaggeration on the number of linkages , if you have done the octopus model you know that number  is almost right=0)~~    but the movement on this model does come out very nicely.and it is just a silly model to make and enjoy. i just wonder how rob came up with the idea for a spaghetti monster maybe there was one hiding in his closet lol  or even under the bed 

    • Perhaps he’s a

      Perhaps he's a believer?


      Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster :-


      Ramen – RI

      • i had no idea what it was i

        i had no idea what it was i just thought it was something rob came up with

        thank you for the information 


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