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Experiments with Head Design


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I’ve been experimenting with templates for heads. My current template design is something like this.

Maybe the nose could be a little smaller bit it works okay. The main problem I see is that this design is curved only in one plane. Top to bottom the head is basically a cylinder.

By adding a dart in the front of the face I was able to add an extra dimention to the curves of the face.

The result looks a little more human and, in this case, a little more feminine though that might be more to do with the eyes. So far so good.

I’d put a couple of pictures up on Instagram while I was working on this. Friend of the website Andrew Dewar sent me a message with a solution he had used on his paper projects. It was nice. Simple. Elegant. A Tee shaped cut and a score line and the head curved round producing a nose and curved face from a single piece of paper. I experimented on ways of using this technique with more cylindical based heads and came up with this design.

I’m really rather pleased with the result. What do you think? I’ve put all three designs into a file. If you are a member you can download the template at the link and try them out yourself.

The next step is to work out how to create different hair styles in a simple way.

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  • Well done. I like the last

    Well done. I like the last one, too. But go on with all three kinds of heads (an maybe some more). They all have their eligibility and can be used in different model situations.

    • Rob, 
      In second version, the


      In second version, the nose needs little more paper so it can be glued to the face without too much struggle on our part. I could get it on my second try. 

      The last one is quickest (since nose is in-built) and therefore the cutest. 

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