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Experimental Paper Horn


Paper Horn

Download and Make
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Okay, so this is for a project that probably won’t even work when it is finished but hey, you never know until you try. I won’t go into details yet but basically I’m trying to play recorded sounds using only paper. As I say, it probably won’t work.

That said. The horn part of the project is rather splendid so I thought share.

I started off by drawing out a profile of a horn and dividing the curved surface into 20mm lengths.

I then measured down to the centre point at each intersection.

I decided to make the horn with eight sections so the width of each section I calculated as Pi times the measured distance divided by eight

Here are the parts ready to go.

And here is the finished horn. I’m sure you are are ahead of me at this point. I was measuring radiuses not diameter. Curses! In this model horizontal axis is twice as long as it should be.

Here is the recalculated part.

If you are a member you can download the parts sheet and print it out onto thin card. Print page one once and page two twice. Score along the doted and dashed lines then carefully cut out the parts

Start by folding over the widest end to make a thin triangular tube to give the widest part of the horm rigidity. Start from the small end and glue one row at a time working to the widest part of the bell.

Ta-daa! Looks quite aesthetically pleasing doesn’t it!

7 reviews for Paper Horn

  • Absolutely cool design. What

    Absolutely cool design. What about making a paper Gramophone?

    The frontal photo of the piece remembered me the "Time Tunnel Machine" from the
     Irwin Allen's TV series…

  • you could make a gramophone

    you could make a gramophone model and have a place inside to put a mobile phone so sound comes out of horn.

  • I’m sure this design will

    I'm sure this design will work great. I actually tried to design my own paper record player some time ago and even the prototype was promising. I'm excitedly waiting for this to turn into a paper gramophone which actually works! That'd be the most awesome thing ever! 🙂


    edit: typo

  • A touch of Deja Vu.

    A touch of Deja Vu.


    Friday 12th Oct 2012 09:03


    Smelter's picture

    This should move Rob on from the silent (Zeotrope) movies.

    trishjoyce, you're gona love this one!


  • It will work!
    See the

    It will work!
    See the example posted by smelter or have a look here:



    The longer horn has got the shape for a pretty good vuvuzela
    or – one is growing older – should make a wonderful ear-trumpet.

  • This is brilliant! It does

    This is brilliant! It does indeed look pleasing and useful!

  • All you need is a platter for

    All you need is a platter for the bevel gears, a holder for the horn, and a record needle.

    • Rob, looks like someone

      Rob, looks like someone picked up your idea an ran with it.

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