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Dinosaur - Download and Make!


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A paper dinosaur to print out and make.

Members can download the parts for free at the link, thanks for signing up! Non-members can join in the fun for £2.50. There are three versions in the download, two coloured and one line only version for you to print out on your choice of coloured or patterned card. Print out the dinosaur onto thin card (210gsm / 67lb) Score along the dotted and dashed lines and carefully cut out the parts.

Fold round and glue down the bottom tab of the centre piece.

Note these two marks on the body top…

Glue the centre piece to the body top between the two marks.

Starting from the end of the neck (arrowed), glue the two sides into place.

Work your way right down to the tail end gluing the tabs down two or three at a time.

Glue the two tail parts together using the tabs.

Using the small arrows for alignment, glue the body front into place.

The legs and feet are made from double thickness card. Fold the pieces over and glue them together. Once the glue has dried carefully cut out the pieces.

Glue the legs to the feet.

Glue the legs to the body on the grey areas.

Assemble the head then glue it to the top tab. Make up the eyes from double thickness card and glue them into place.

The arms are also double thickness. Once you have made them and cut them out, shape them gently for a realistic pose then glue them into place.

The paper dinosaur could be a good starting point to design your own animated paper character!

4 reviews for Dino

  • great job rob the dinosaurs

    great job rob the dinosaurs look so good

    if you wanted you could probly cut tabs in the arms and legs and make them possable

  • Wow, you wait for a new model

    Wow, you wait for a new model to arrive and three turn up!

    • Can someone identify the

      Can someone identify the (real) name of this dinosaur?

      • they kind of look

        they kind of look like philosoraptors to me but i guess only rob would know for sure

        • Philosopher Raptors, now

          Philosopher Raptors, now there's a thought!


      • I originally designed the

        I originally designed the model as a kind of generic theropod dinosaur. Looking though my Big Book of Dinosaurs I reckon it looks like an Eoraptor. So that's what it is.

  • its play time for these

    its play time for these little dinosaurs watch them chase each other here

  • My teacher and I are going to

    My teacher and I are going to print out one of these for another student who is a big dinosaur fan and I know that you make very easy to follow instructions with these projects even for people who have some difficulties with their motor skills.  Him and his paraprofessional will work on this dinosaur and I'll tell you how it turned out. 🙂

    That’s great! I look forward to hearing how it goes. – RI

    • It went OK but The student

      It went OK but The student was having difficulties gluing the pieces together and he was getting frustrated, so I am going to build one for him for an act of kindness.

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