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Cuckoo - a working paper model


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modelpagesDownload the Cuckoo, print it out onto thin card. Cut out and assemble the pieces following the fully illustrated, clear instructions and you make you own working Cuckoo! Pump the two bellows and the working pipes make a realistic Cuckoo sound whilst the two cuckoos pop out of their paper homes.

See the model in action here.

1 review for Cuckoo

  • this model is a little

    this model is a little tricky my bellows don't look as pretty as robs but they are functional also it seems you have to get the timing right while moving the bellows to make the cuckoo birds of my whistles don't work I'm assuming air is just escaping so i will just try have to see if i can fill the gap with air but once i play it with a bit more hopefully i can get it to work properly but a great design by rob and a fun little model

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