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The disagreeable Sheep revisited

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    here is your old mate the disagreeable sheep…’D.S’.


    every one who visits,  has the need to work him…lol..


    they all go soppy sloppy over him…he hates it.. lol.


    this is where he is at the moment..i will post others now i can work Robs magnificent browsey upload picture thingy…


    there is one thing i have noticed with DS…


    the first time i went web shopping Amazon etc…i didnt buy anything…his eyes just bored into me…he just was so dissaproving


    i have learnt that when i want to shop


    i turn him round so he looks at the screen and not me…Teeheehee…he is such a sweety..  LOL.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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