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New Model: Keisuke Saka’s “The Stone of Sisyphus”

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    It appears Keisuke Saka has been very active this year, and showing no signs of stopping soon.

    In Greek Mythology, King Sisyphus was the king of Ephyra. He took great pleasure in killing visitors and guests to maintain his iron grasp over his people. Since killing was a violation in Xenia, a place under Zeus’ domain, the king of the gods was more than a little upset. And, due to his numerous deceitful actions towards the gods, Sisyphus was condemned to the under world to roll a huge stone up a steep hill.  Driven by the ever maddening idea that he can one day complete his task, he continues to push the stone up the hill today. Zeus, however, enchanted the stone to roll away from Sisyphus every time he reaches the top of the hill. Sisyphus remains there cursing the gods and promising that he will one day return and exact revenge. You can go here or here to purchase the model.




    Hi John-san,

    Thank you for promoting my new works every time (and very detailed description this time!). I try to keep up this pace and do my best.


    Dear Rob,

    It has been a long time since I saw you last time. Thank you very much for your setting and keeping up the forum like this. Although I have not taken part in here, I’ve always been inspired by your works and activities, paying attention not to be too much influenced:-)

    Sorry if this post is out of place. I just wanted to say hello and thanks to you and all. I’m looking forward to seeing you and your new models!




    Hello  Keisuke-san,

    Lovely to hear from you. Your Sisyphus model is a delight, I’m really happy to share it on the site. I hope we can meet up again sometime soon, it has been to long!

    Sore dewa mata





    Is it my birthday again?  What an honor to see you here!

    This is Flying-Pig’s twentieth anniversary. Isn’t that fantastic!  Close to 20 years ago I discovered both your websites. It was frustrating because I couldn’t buy the animated model kits I saw there. But now for a little money people from all over the world can download all sorts of marvelous things.  I don’t know how many people watch this forum, but I hope you will join me in supporting these two talented designers. They are perhaps the most gifted cardboard engineers in the world. They have spent their lives educating and entertaining us. Wouldn’t it be nice to hear of mechanical and structural engineers come from their life’s work let alone the next generation of cardboard engineers? Also, please don’t distribute the files you download. This is how they make a living. And if I can beg one other indulgence, please promote them and their works on all the social media sites.

    Oh, and don’t forget to give Pino a little love and support too.

    Thank you both for all you do






    it is a little less expensive to use the dl market link then the etsy link

    DL market 4.02 USD

    etsy 4.65 USD


    Congratulations on Flying-Pig’s 20th anniversary!

    I clearly remember the impression when I saw IMPATIENCE and RUMINATIONS in the late 90’s. They have changed my life, and I’m still passionate about making silly (in a GOOD meaning, as you know) paper automata, supported by big fans like John-san.

    I apologize for the price difference between two sites. I’m trying to make easy assembly even without words, so thank you for using dl market, too.

    Thank you, and see you again!



    thx for sharing this!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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