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Kuralica by Nozomi Sakuma

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    Nozomi Sakuma has posted some 10 paper automata and paper toys on his website

    Below are the items currently being shown on the site.  I have sent an e-mail to Nozomi inquiring as to how we would be able to possibly purchase these models (for those of us outside of Japan).  We’ll see what kind of response I get.

    In the meantime, enjoy the images.

    Happy Birthday:

    Just For You:

    How are things with you?:

    Let’s enjoy together!:

    Hello!! New Baby:

    Take it easy:

    Thank you:


    Good Luck!!

    Merry Christmas:




    hugo leandro

    Nice contribuition for us, Ken. Keep on with eagle eyes. Outstanding!



    Dear folks,


    Thanks to the indication of Ken I decide to write to Kuralica wondering informations about the prices ( I hope Ken doesn’t care if I write to Kuralica!) and she answered me. As I live in Brazil she gave me the postage prices to address to me but the rest are the real model prices. I transcript her answer to me as it was received:

    Dear Hugo Leandro,

    Thank you for your mail from Brazil.
    I'm very glad.
    I'm sorry that I replied to your mail too late because I can't understand English very much.

    Please make sure that these paper models are very small.
    Besides, the illustrations are attached to assembling manuals, but the sentence is only Japanese.
    So if you cannot understand Japanese, it is difficult you to make these.

    The price of the articles are as follows.

    Happy Birthday (hedgehog) 1,260yen
    Just For You (boy&girl) 1,470yen
    How are things with you? (monkey) 1,155yen
    Let's enjoy together!! (papillon) 1,050yen
    Hello!! New Baby (ladybug) 945yen
    Take it easy (wild boar) 945yen
    Thank you (giraffe) 840yen
    Congratulations!!! (flamingo) 840yen
    Good Luck!! (crow) 840yen
    Merry Christmas (Santa Claus) 1,050yen

    That's all.

    If there are articles which you want to purchase, please tell me by an e-mail.
    I send the articles which had you order it by EMS(international speed mail).
    Please pay the postage. It is 1,700yen from Japan to Brazil.

    Please pay in advance, then I will send you.

    I send the atticles of the order if I have you pay the article price and the postage in "PayPal".
    In the case of the payment, please pay for Japanese Yen.

    Please consider about it and contact me.
    Thanks in advance.

    Nozomi Sakuma

    UF Mansion #1F-B
    2-6-15 Nishimachi
    Kokubunji-shi Tokyo
    185-0035 Japan
    phone: +81-42-505-5217
    [email protected]



    Thank you for writting to Nozomi as well.  I have not checked my paper craft e-mail bin for a while, and there was a response sitting there.  (Same one as you received, only with US postage rate – 1,200 yen.)  Using the current yen / dollar exchange rate, all of the models, plus shipping, came out to roughly $128.00.  It is nice that PayPal is offered as a payment option.  Now I just need to decide which models to get.




    The conversion would be around $12.80, you had one to many zeros…

    So not that bad.

    They look nice…Willl have to try to get me some

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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