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Keisuke Saka “Doomed” is now available at

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    The latest Karakuri Workshop model on is something old, and yet something new again.  “Doomed” has been around for a while in paper kit form (2002) but now it can be purchased in electronic (PDF) form as well. Many parts were redesigned for this version. The cam is now stronger, beefier, and three dimensional.  The cam follower is made from a triple thickness of card (I’m including the tabs) that give it weight to follow the cam more closely.  The combination of the two improvements make for a more satisfying and more fluid mechanical movement. I could go on with other improvements, but you will see for yourself.

    Admittedly, “Doomed” has been my personal favorite Keisuke Saka model just as “Ewe Boat” has been my favorite Rob Ives model. Both are wonderfully realistic marvels built on simple type mechanisms. I have built built both several times over the years, but I can never keep them for myself.  In this case I think Keisuke-san has really captured the movement of a fish out of water. Perhaps, that is why I like it so much.

    I always like hearing the story or inspiration behind these mechanical gems we enjoy, so I’ll include the story behind this one.  Keisuke-san says “I made the prototype of this model in 1999. At that time, the motif was not a fish, but a man with middle‐aged spread who strived for sit-ups. One day, Japanese old saying “Carp on the chopping board” suddenly hit me, and I remodeled it”.But,  “Doomed”is available for download HERE on Etsy.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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