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    Hi, I need a good printer to print on card. Does anyone have any recommendations please? 

    Having Googled the subject without any help, I did the rounds of PC World, Staples and Best Buy this morning. They have a make and model for every possible use except that card or paper gsm is not mentioned. The only thing I have discovered is that a straight paper path is my best option and Cannon, Kodak and Lexmark seem to do these. But which one is best in terms of card handling and reasonable printing costs?




    I just have a standard Canon printer which takes 220gsm card with no problem – that should be plenty thick enough for Rob's creations


    Hi Billthebodger,


    I use a Canon ip3600 printer. It wasn’t very expensive an I get good prints with it.


    As Paper I use paper weights from 120g up to 200g, mostly 160g from various manufacturers.


    You are right, you can not choose card or gsm, but I get the best results with the media choice “inkjet hagaki“. Maybe this belongs to the paper you use – you have to find out.


    To save printer costs, I refill my ink cartridges. But for this you should use “good” refill ink (i.e. inkswiss or inktec). Cheap or “noname” Ink can ruin your printer (happened to my with my previous  printer).





    I have an HP 8600, which is really fine, even to heavy papers. In Brazil there isn't  160 or 230 gsm paper: so you have to use 180 or 240, which is a little difficult to manage in printing, specially 240, but this printer is a hard tough one, so it manages to print well, and what is even better, A3 paper. I also recommend this printer, although all the HP printers have a little inconvenient for me: if the color inks isn't enough, so the black one doesn't work, even if it is loaded, full, I mean. The advantages are enormous: nice colors, half ink print and half laser one, 50/50. I really recommend it.


    I use an Epson Stylus 20. I’ve had it for a couple of years now. It was cheap (£40) and 3rd party cartrideges work well in it


    hugo leandro

    I use a HP 8600. It's quality is half laser and half ink. I can even print A3 format. Also, it stands all tough, hard work: in Brazil we don't have 160 and 230 gsm, just 180 and 240. So, it stands it all fine. Just one disadvantage, as all the HP printers: if the color inks are over it can't manage to print in black, only if you have all the rest of the set, I mean, the color ones. I don't know if this is a configuration set, but I gave up, I can't manage to print anything, that's drives me crazy, (laughs….)


    I purchased a new Canon Pixima (spelling?). My model has two trays and prints directly onto printable cd’s and dvd’s. The best part is it duplexes, even with card, so printing double-sided pages is a snap. It handles all forms of paper with ease. The ink tanks are individual and the ink produces excellent photos!


    Having only just discovered paper modeling myself, I’ve already gone through a ream of card stock. I like to use the Hammermill Color Copy Cover. It’s sturdy enough for most of the crafts in my new collection, but still thin enough to work with, especially with multi-layer parts. The thing with printers, though, is that it costs just as much to fill them with ink cartridges once as it did to buy the printer! So I found an alternative on the web that works better than anything else I’ve seen.


    go to They sell refillable ink tanks, and inks for a wide variety of printers. And the best news is, the refillable set I purchased from them cost less than one full set of oem cartridges, and came with enough ink for at least 10 sets! Their inks are not “standard”, they are the same inks sold for your printer. They have sets for a wide range of printers, so go check them out!


    Hope this is helpful.


    Tamara Monteau



    Are you considering to have it done in a printing company instead? I would love to recommend Digitek Print shop, I actually got a quality printed business cards from them, I found their service directly from this site, I guess you should try it too.

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