Pitch and Yaw Mechanism to Download and Make

Wed, 9 Nov 2011

A project for members to download and make. This character based project is a two axis neck joint. Use it to make this slightly disapproving paper character or as the starting point for your own designs.


Download the file from the usual place then print out the two pages onto thin card (230gsm / 230micron card) Score along the dotted lines and cut out the holes before carefully cutting out the pieces. 

Start by rolling up the neck tube, curve the pieces over a pen or something similar. The tube rolls round on itself twice for extra thickness. Note that the area marked 'Inside ' is on, well, the inside.

Roll the tube round and glue the end down so that the end lines up with the edge of the grey area.

Starting at the top of the tube, glue one of the fixed ring strips, lining it up with the top of the tube and starting at the seam.

Roll it right round and carefully glue it down.

The second ring needs to be free to rotate. Roll it round and glue it down to itself, make sure that it doesn't stick to the neck.

Leaving two small gaps, fit the last of the fixed strips into place to the hold the rotating ring into position.

Crease and curve the tab piece as shown above

Glue the tab piece to the rotating ring. There will be a small gap between the two ends of the tab piece once it is glued down.

Make the head inner as shown.

Slot the tabs through the holes in the head inner. A coffee stirring stick is useful for poking at the tabs in this stage. Fold the tabs down and glue the circles into place. Make sure that the head inner is free to rock back and forth. 

Assemble the head.

And glue on the nose.

Roll round and glue together the body.

Glue the neck support inside the the body so that it straddles the seam at the back of the body.

Glue the neck into the neck support.

Assemble the two shoulders as the one shown above.

Glue the shoulders to the grey areas on the body. The shorter side of the shoulders faces the front.

Glue the head to the head inner so that it is lined up front to back.

Complete the model by fitting the arms. The arms slip up inside the shoulders and fixed into place with a dot of glue on the front of the body. 

Once complete, place your paper character somewhere where he can disapprove of whatever is going on.

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  • Shelley Noble November 9, 2011 at 8:06 pm

    You can’t be serious, Rob?!

    You can't be serious, Rob?! This is a fantastic model and motion. I can't wait to re sign-up for membership here and download this one! And even do it!

    • robives November 9, 2011 at 8:35 pm

      Thanks Shelley, I’ve got four

      Thanks Shelley, I've got four of these prototypes on the shelf above my computer just staring down at me – they're making me feel guilty! 

  • umehta November 9, 2011 at 9:15 pm

    Hello Rob,
    Two questions,

    Hello Rob,

    Two questions,

    1. I know everything and anything drives him to say no..but what mechanism drives him to say no? (That would be part II of this project, I guess.)

    2. What name have you thought for Mr. No?

    This project seems very promising….like your early bird model. The simplicity of the features (especially his folded arms) are very impressive.



    • Smelter November 10, 2011 at 9:17 am

      Apart from the obvious name

      Apart from the obvious name of Dr No, I wonder if the posting number of 666 has any significance?

      • robives November 10, 2011 at 5:59 pm

        Dr No – yep, I like it! Might

        Dr No – yep, I like it! Might be an issue with the Fleming estate I suppose. As to entry 666 – ooooo

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