Monthly Membership. Only £1 / $1.50 per month!

Fri, 20 Sep 2013

I've added a new option for website membership: 

Monthly membership is £1 ukp or $1.50US and is charged automatically every every month. As a monthly member you will be able to: 

• Download all new models produced during your membership : Free!

• Download all past and present Member's Only models: Free!

• Download the models produced before you became a member: Half price!

The backend work is all done and monthly payments are fully working, I now need to add information to the membership page so that new members know what their options are.

I've been wanting to do this for a while but processing fees were always way too high, now that PayPal have let me sign up for their micro-payment rates it has finally become affordable for me, lets see how it goes!

Visit the membership page here. More details about Monthly Membership here

For new monthly members who want immediate access to the entire back-catalogue I've added the complete archive (ricomplete) to download. Only £29.95 / $44.95 for every single one of the download and projects on the site!

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