Membership – Amazing New Price!

Tue, 10 Jan 2012

Fantastic New Prices for Membership!
Standard Membership. $14.95 USD / £9.95 UKP yearly.
Membership Plus $ 44.95 USD / £29.95 UKP yearly
See below for the back story and to find out how I'll be making sure that existing members don't loose out! 
The internet is still but young. All sorts of people are setting up sites on all sorts of different themes from hobbyist electronics to knitting patterns and many of these sites are trying out a subscription model. I had experimented with subscriptions some years ago with the flying-pig site but it was only with the advent of the paypal subscription system and more advanced database driven content management systems (in this case, Drupal) that the technology has become manageable for a person such as myself working on their own. With the tech sorted, finding the right price is the next tricky part. I'd originally priced one year's membership at £14.95 and it was working nicely with many new members joining from all round the world. Then the shock. I was making a living from memberships backed up with paper modelling work for other companies. In quick succession three major companies I was working for went bankrupt leaving me out of pocket by a (£) five figure sum. To make ends meet I took a gamble and put up the prices to their current level as well as introducing membership+ 
With the support of my many fantastic subscribers I have pulled through the last couple of difficult years. Thank you all! The number of visitors to the site has continued to grow as have the number of subscribers. 
It's now time to take a gamble. 
Deep breath.
I really enjoy what I do. The idea that I can design a project one day and the next day someone in Venezuela or India or Canada can be building it is thrilling! Inevitably the price of the subscription is a barrier, one that I want to keep as low as possible. So we come to today's announcement. I'm reducing the prices so that as many people as possible can become members. 
It was difficult when I raised the prices on the website and I know that I lost some subscribers in the transition. Dropping the prices again has needed just as much thought and discussion. It is the members who joined in the last year at the higher rate that kept me and my family afloat. Thank you all! I want to show these members how much I appreciate their support so I have set up some rewards in appreciation. 
Standard Members:
If you are a standard member, either monthly or annual I'll be changing your membership to a membership+ for the remainder of your current membership. After that you can receive membership+ membership for 12 months for only £9.95/$14.95
This will give you free access to all the downloads on the site. 
Membership+ Members. 
As a thank you for your support Membership+ members can have lifetime access to membership+ privileges for only £9.95/$14.95 a year! I'll also send you a gift voucher for a standard membership that you can give to a friend. Thank you! 
It'll take me a little while to get these into place so please bear with me.