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Giraffe in a Tree

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I'm doing a bit of research to make sure that I get the giraffe model head correct. It turns out that I've got it all wrong.
Giraffes are in fact, tree dwelling primates only venturing into the open plains in search of water...


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Right Rob, and we were all wrong about the Penguins :-


And a whale is not a fish at all - it's an insect.


it appears as if this giraffe was raised by a pack of kuala bears..   either that or this one is just afraid of the petting zoo...



Loved the photo ( where did you get that!) as well as the penguin Youtube film...!


I found it when I was doing a google image search for 'Giraffe'.

It is mentioned on a few blogs, I couldn't find the original source, hence the non-attribution.

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