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Wed, 7 Oct 2009

 When I set up the FAQ section for this website one of the top Qs will be "What card do you recommend for printing the models?" Up until now I've been using 230 gram pulp board from my local print supplies house. I'll carry on using it for prototyping and project develeopment because it is cheap and works great. But for the final model, the one I take the photographs of, I'll be using Canon Matte Photo Paper MP101.

I found the recommendation for the paper on Matt Hawkins website and got myself a pack. The results are lovely! The colours are more vibrant and the lines crisp and sharp. In the picture left, the box at the top is printed on 230 micron pulp board, the one on the botton on the Canon paper. See how much brighter it looks? It is only 170gsm but seems to be about the same strength as the pulp board – certainly strong enough for making mechanical parts that work!

You can buy the paper from Amazon UK & Amazon USA among other places.

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  • PCharlebois October 8, 2009 at 8:56 pm

    Thanks Rob,It is always a

    Thanks Rob,

    It is always a delema to find the perfect paper, I also use the Canon MP101. I have also started to work with Xerox papers, they have some heavier papers and print quality is grea. Try going to your local instant print shop that use Xerox printers and papers to get some. I am still try to source at a consumer level.

  • suzanne October 11, 2009 at 5:21 pm

     I too have started using the

     I too have started using the Canon paper. It really works well.  I have made a number of models and cards downloaded from the Canon Creative Park website and sometimes use heavier card stock. Since they recommend the matte photo paper I decided to try it, and I really like it. It’s really good for small narrow pieces, because it’s not a soft as the card stock.

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